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Tri-County/City Soil & Water Conservation District
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FOIA Request Form

Tri-County/City Soil & Water Conservation District (TCCSWCD) actively complies with the Virginia Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). However, effective August 19, 2016, TCCSWCD will charge for producing records as a result of requests made under FOIA as allowed by law. We appreciate your understanding.

In accordance with provisions outlined in the Code of Virginia § 2.2-3704, the following fees will be assessed for searching, accessing, duplicating, and supplying records (which includes review and redaction):

  • Hourly Rate: under 30 min – no charge; all subsequent time to be charged in 15-minute increments at the rate of $7.50/15-minute
  • Copy & Printing Fees:
    • Black & White Copies – .04/side
    • Color Copies – .08/side

If it is anticipated that a request will total more than $200, the requester will be provided with an estimate of those fees in advance and a full deposit will be required in advance of the records being released.

Additionally, the TCCSWCD will not proceed with processing subsequent FOIA requests from the same requester where the requester owes the TCCSWCD for previous requests for records that have remained unpaid 30 days or more after billing.

FOIA Officers:

Marta Perry, District Manager
(540) 656-2401

Giannina Frantz, Chair – Board of Directors
(540) 656-2401